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Roseanne Barr Criticizes Hillary Clinton

Roseanne Barr Criticizes Hillary Clinton Promo Image

Actress and comedian Roseanne Barr criticized former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on ABC's Feb. 15 episode of "20/20." 

The 65-year-old Barr said President Donald Trump did a better job than Hallary Clinton at appealing to the average working-class American, reports

"He talked about jobs," she said. "That's what you need to do if you want working people to vote for you. Not Syrian airspace."

"I don't think Hillary talked about jobs much," Barr added. "She was always just talking about Syrian airspace. Do you think people in America care? Maybe they do, I didn't, though."

The actress continued, offering an explanation why her character on the revival of popular TV sitcom "Roseanne" will also be a Trump supporter like her.

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"Trump offended half of America and [Hillary Clinton] offended the other half, so that's great for sitcoms," Barr said.

"It's great for comedy," she added. "We're lucky to have him as a president, it's great for comedy."

In the show, Barr will allegedly portray a grandmother who voted for Trump, getting into arguments with family members with different views at times as a result, reports The Hill.

Sara Gilbert, who plays one of Barr's daughters on the show, said the episodes show a family "divided by politics but still filled with love."

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Barr is not the only celebrity to publicly speak out in support of President Trump.

"Happy Days" and "Joanie Loves Chachi" star Scott Baio praised Trump at the 2016 Republican National Convention, Variety reports.

"We need Donald Trump to fix this," he said then. "Is Donald Trump a messiah? No, he's just a man, a man who wants to give back to his country, America, the country that has given him everything. ... Hillary Clinton wants to be president for Hillary Clinton," added Baio. "Donald Trump wants to be president for all of us. So, of course, let's make America great again, but let's make America, America again."

Others echoed similar sentiments. "Cheers" and "Toy Story" star John Ratzenberger also praised Trump, reports Fox News.

"I want us to become self-reliant again," he said before the 2016 presidential election. "The only candidate out there is Donald Trump, for me, because he's a builder. He understands better than anybody that if we lose the people -- average age is 58 years old by the way of people that actually know how to build things -- once they're gone, they're gone and we don't have anybody comin' up behind them."

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