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Texas Teacher Suspended for Lassoing Student, Bruising His Neck

During a routine history lesson on Monday at Schrade Middle School, a Texas teacher decided to lasso one of his seventh-grade students, leaving the youngster with rope marks around his neck.

According to The Inquisitr, the history teacher was attempting to teach his students lasso techniques that were used during cattle drives. He asked for volunteers and then had the students run around the classroom while he tried to toss a lasso over their necks.

The teacher has since been placed on leave.  

Garland Independent School District spokesman Chris Moore explained:

“[The teacher] was visiting with the students, telling the students about how Cowboys would corral maverick steers back into the herd. This is not something that we feel was malicious, it was not intent. Extremely unfortunate, and extremely poor judgment.”

One has to think that the teacher in question must have not thought very far ahead before engaging in this sort of behavior. Although he may have imagined it would be fun way to teach his student’s something new, he clearly made a big mistake. No child should ever be hurt in the classroom.

The student who this teacher was able to corral ended up with bruises and rope burns around his neck. In addition to being suspended from the school, the teacher is now in even more hot water. The Rowland Police Department is considering criminal charges for injury to a child.

The school district will not release the name of the teacher, but they have said that the teacher feels badly and has agreed never to try lassoing a student again.

The parent’s of the bruised 13-year-old have said that they are outraged that a teacher would do this to a child. They also said that the bruises on their son’s neck have only gotten worse since the incident.

Source: (The Inquisitr)


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