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Rooster Revenge: Cock Kills Man with Fighting Blade

At least one rooster got revenge at a cockfight in Delano, California. According to the Visalia Times-Delta, on January 30, 2010, just before noon, the Tulare Sheriff’s Department received an anonymous tip that a cockfight was in progress in a field  near Road 128 and Ave. 24. Although all participants had fled by the time authorities arrived, five dead roosters were found along with paraphernalia used in cockfighting.

Later that day, the family of Juan Luis Ochoa called to report that he was bleeding profusely from a wound in his right leg. Ochoa, 35, of Lamont, California, was declared dead at the Delano Regional Medical Center hospital about two hours later, according to the Kern County coroner’s report.  His wound was apparently inflicted by a blade attached to the leg of one of the roosters involved in or being prepared for fighting at the earlier event. 

Doctors were unable to control the bleeding, and an autopsy conducted by the Kern County coroner revealed that Ochoa bled to death from an accidental "sharp force injury" to his right calf.

According to Kern County Superior Court records, last year Ochoa had paid a $370 fine and pleaded “no contest” to one count of owning or training an animal for fighting.

No arrests were made because all suspects had left the scene.  Being a spectator at a cockfight in California is illegal.

Cockfighting is a gruesome, barbaric blood sport, in which gamblers profit from the outcome.  Sharp blades are attached to the legs of roosters which are then placed in a ring where they must fight against each other for their lives—and usually to their deaths.


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