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Ronni Chasen Suspect Bragged About $10,000 Windfall

A suspect in the murder of Hollywood publicst Ronni Chasen, who killed himself when police tried to talk to him, reportedly bragged to neighbors about a recent $10,000 windfall.

The man identified only as "Harold" shot himself in the head as Beverly Hills police tried to serve a search warrant on him Wednesday night. When police officers approached him in the lobby of his seedy Hollywood apartment building, he backed up and refused their orders to raise his hands. He pulled out a pistol and shot himself in the head.

According to the Los Angeles Times, police became aware of Harold's possible involvement in Chasen's murder a few days ago and had him under surveillance. Police did not reveal what they think his role in the murder was, whether he was the triggerman or an accomplice.

Neighbor Brandon Harrison said Harold told him he was supposed to be getting $10,000 -- first saying it was from a job he did, then claiming it was from a lawsuit.

Harrison also said Harold told him and other tenants he was an ex-convict who served two stints in state prison, the most recent for firearms and drug convictions. And he said he was never going back.

"He told me several times, 'If it ever came back down to me going to prison, I would die first,' " Harrison said.

Another neighbor, Terri Gilpin, told KTLA News that on several occasions, Harold said he had a gun and threatened to use it. "He would talk crazy stuff. He kept always bragging about having a gun."

Chasen was killed as she was driving through Beverly Hills on November 16. Police have no motive but signs are increasingly pointing to a professional hit.


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