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Ronni Chasen Murder a Case of Road Rage?

Could Ronni Chasen have been a victim of road rage? The Hollywood publicist, who was gunned down in her car on November 16, was known to have a fiery temper, and police are now investigating the theory that she may have gotten into an altercation with another driver on the road.

Chasen's brother, Larry Cohen, backs up that hypothesis. "I'm sure it was road rage," Cohen, a screenwriter, told gossip site Showbiz411. "I'm sure it was some kind of random thing."

Cohen also addressed rumors that he had a gambling problem -- and that he or one of his family members, was in a large amount of debt. "I don’t play poker. I don’t gamble," Cohen said. "My two daughters don’t gamble. Someone writes something on the Internet and it’s everywhere, whether it’s true or not.”

The road rage possibility seems to contradict the "marksman" theory. According to coroner's reports, Chasen was shot five times in the chest by someone with extremely accurate aim or an "expert marksman." That conclusion would lead one to believe the kiling was carried out in a cool, mechanical manner -- and not in a burst of sudden retaliation.

Yet if road rage was the motive, was Harold Martin Smith the shooter? He's the man who shot himself when confronted by Beverly Hills police in connection with the Chasen murder.


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