Ronda Rousey Beaten By Holly Holm In Second Round (Video)

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UFC champion Ronda Rousey was knocked out by Holly Holm during the second round of the UFC 193 women’s bantamweight championship in Melbourne, Australia.

In a YouTube video of the stunning moment (below), Rousey is seen attempting to dominate Holm after a brutal first round. She swings at Holm, prompting a hit that causes Rousey to briefly lose her balance and head toward the floor.

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Just as Rousey attempts to recover, Holm delivers a left high kick to her head that drops her opponent to the ground. 

Holm then dives onto Rousey, delivering several punches to her head before a referee intervenes. Holm can be seen jumping around the ring in celebration while Rousey receives medical treatment.

Watch the incredible moment below. 

Sources: The BlazeYouTube / Photo credit: The Blaze

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