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Ronda Beckman Takes Off Top in Bar, Threatens to Strip When Arrested

Sometimes women are encouraged to take their tops off in bars, but not 46-year-old Ronda Beckman.

Beckman was arrested after refusing to put on her shirt at Captain Jax Sandbar and Grill in Fort Pierce, Florida, noted

The manager of the bar told police that Beckman was removing her shirt while drunk on the dance floor on August 2.

When asked to get dressed, Beckman allegedly refused and left the bar.

Later, three police officers arrived and found Beckman walking nearby with her breasts exposed. Apparently, she did not go quietly.

"It's t---- time,  I'll take everything off. I am getting arrested for indecent exposure! I'll give you something to look at baby! I'll take everything off! Oh, yes, baby I'll take it all off ok!" Beckman reportedly yelled.

After she was placed in a police car, Beckman kicked the interior of the cruiser and screamed at Officer Carol Johnson: "You f------ whore! You are a f------ whore!"

Beckman, who may be homeless, was charged with indecent exposure, lewd lascivious behavior and disorderly intoxication.



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