Ronald Reid Claims Self-Defense Amidst Murder Charges Resulting from June Shootout at Motorcycle Shop


A man in Summerville, S.C., is claiming that he shot and killed a member of a motorcycle gang in self-defense.

Ronald Reid, 43, has now been released from bond after being charged with murder and spending two months in the Charleston County Detention Center. Reid was arrested following the shooting incident that killed three total and left him injured.

Reid, along with his family, maintains his story, saying that he was acting completely in self-defense after being shot first. The incident occurred in front of North Charleston motorcycle shop Cycle Gear. Reid claims that he rode up to the shop with a friend to purchase a helmet for his son while they were on their way to a Soul Motorcycle Club cookout.

According to reports, Reid and his friend, now identified as Theodore Waymyers, 36, pulled up to the store in the middle of a fight between members of two rival motorcycle gangs. The two men became stuck in the middle of the fight, and ducked for cover when one man waved a gun in the air. Eventually, gunfire erupted, and Reid pulled his gun out after realizing that he had been shot.

Reid claims that he did as he was trained and, in an act of self-defense, shot one of the men shooting at him.

The shot went right into the man’s heart, and Reid says he thought the man died before he hit the ground. During the fight, Waymyers was killed by the man that Reid eventually shot, and one other person was killed in the fight as well. Reid is the only one that has been charged with murder.

Police immediately questioned him, and the next day, after being released from the hospital for his injuries, Reid was arrested and charged. Now, he has been released from bond and is awaiting trial to determine whether or not he was actually acting in self-defense.

“I don’t understand why I’m being held accountable,” Reid said. “I followed the rules. I did not intentionally leave my house wanting to shoot anyone. I never imagined doing it.”

Still, police say that his questioning, along with accounts from witnesses, warranted the arrest and murder charge. A court date has not yet been set, but Reid is now home with his family awaiting a trial.


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