Ron Paul: Trump Wont Take Orders From GOP Establishment


Former Republican Rep. Ron Paul of Texas said electing Donald Trump would be like electing a “boss.”

“Trump is going to be the most efficient at using the executive orders," Paul told Fox Business. "He'll say, 'this is the way it is.' Obama was pretty arrogant ... Well, I think Trump will be 10 times worse on writing orders because he's used to doing this and he brags about it. He wants to be the boss. I'm not looking for a boss. We want somebody who will allow us to be our own bosses.”

Paul said he believes the GOP will try to prevent the nomination from going to Trump through a brokered convention, but doesn't think the billionaire frontrunner will go down without a fight.

“He likes trouble and he doesn't mind threatening people,” Paul said. “It's a mess, but the biggest mess is for the Republican Party. And if you're in this business to preserve the Republican Party, you should be worried.”

But the deeper problem, he added, was for the people.

“But some people, like myself, worry about other things like what's going to happen to our country, what's going happen to our economy, what's going to happen to out foreign policy.” Paul said.

The libertarian-leaning Republican, who opposes the U.S. policy of constant intervention, said that Hillary Clinton would likely be more hawkish than Trump.

“She's very, very aggressive," Paul said. "The neocons will be happy with her because she's the one that orchestrates a lot of the militancy from the Democratic Party. She was much more neocon-ish than Obama. Obama had at least some decency to back off on some of this.”

But Paul said he wouldn't endorse Trump nor Clinton. And he pointed out that there's very little difference between Clinton and other Republicans, noting: "They all endorse foreign interventionism. They all endorse the financial monetary system we have. They don't challenge deficit."

Paul wasn't asked about Democratic Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who is challenging Clinton for the Democratic nomination and has similar views to Paul on foreign policy.

Sources: Real Clear Politics, Fox Business/ Photo credit: Screen shot via Fox Business/YouTube

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