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Men Caught on Camera Lifting, Swinging Elderly Woman (Video)

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Police are searching for a group of individuals that were captured on video terrorizing an elderly woman by grabbing her and swinging her around. 

According to the Daily Mail, the video takes place outside of a bar in Jilava, a village located near Bucharest.

The video depicts one man grabbing the woman by her shoulders and swinging her through the air while her feet are suspended from the ground. The woman appears terrified by the encounter, screaming while she is twirled against her will. The woman manages to run away after the attack, but one of the men chases her down and spin her again. The man can also be seen flexing for the camera and laughing along with his group of friends. According to Elite Daily, the man’s friends can be heard yelling “spin her more” and “again, again.” 

The video caught the attention of local police after it surfaced on Facebook and quickly became viral. Local authorities are still uncertain how to respond to the video, although they claimed they are investigating it thoroughly. 

“We are looking into this incident. We want to know when this video was shot, where it was shot and who the people were in the video. A report will then be prepared for prosecutors who will decide what action to take,” a police spokesperson said.


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