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Romanian Man Suspected Of Killing, Eating Wife Freed From Jail

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A Romanian man suspected of killing his wife and her two sisters, then eating their bodies was released from jail without consequence recently.

Sixty-year-old Vasile Lavric was arrested in April after he supposedly killed his 18-year-old wife Nicoleta and her two sisters. Detectives confirmed that human bones had been discovered in Lavric’s backyard, but have yet to launch a case against him. Police also noted that the remains had probably been cooked and eaten.

Nicoleta’s parents alleged that their youngest daughter Luliana disappeared in 1995, one year after Nicoleta married Lavric. They also claimed that Lavric had an affair with Ramona, Nicoleta’s 13-year-old sister, who disappeared in 2005. Nicoleta disappeared shortly after and no bodies were ever found.

“We made a big mistake on this one, despite all the evidence it took far too long for it to be put together,” a Romanian police insider said. “It was only when a special team was put together to investigate it that we had him.”

The insider argued that it’s "crazy" how a man with so much evidence against him is allowed to be free.

Lavric was released due to the introduction of electronic tags into the country, which would allow police to track his movement outside of prison. Prisoners in countries with the tags can argue to return home instead of await trial in jail. However, because the country can’t afford the tags, police have no way to actually enforce Lavric’s curfew. Instead, law enforcers have to make trips to Lavric’s home in Radauti.

“To my mind the EU rules never considered electronic tagging in country’s that did not have electronic tags,” the police insider argued.

Lavric, dubbed the “Women Eater," argued that remaining in jail would ruin his car mechanic business. 

Sources: DailyMail, Nyooz Trend


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