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'Granny Spinner' Arrested, Issued $40 Fine (Video)

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One Romanian teenager became an international phenomenon when a video of him attacking an elderly woman by lifting her from the ground and spinning her went viral. The video also caught the attention of local police, who reportedly began a search to find the man responsible for carrying out the attack. 

According to the Inquisitr, Romanian police located the man, identified as the owner of Facebook profile Eu Geo Offycyall (which 9News claims translates to "I'm Geo, Official Page"), near Bucharest on Monday. The man was subsequently charged with disturbing public order, but it's unlikely that he will face any jail time or significant punishment. Instead, he was fined 160 lei, or the equivalent of about $40, for his role in the attack. 

This relatively light fine starkly contrasts with the harsh punishments that had been called for by users of various social media accounts that observed the video from a distance. Thousands of Facebook and Twitter users commented on the incident after it occurred, seeking justice against the so-called “granny spinner.” In fact, it was a group of Facebook users that ultimately identified the man.

According to Metro, the man himself claimed that the incident wasn’t a big deal, posting on Facebook, “It was just a joke. She wasn’t dying. If you don’t like it, call me.” 


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