Role Reversal: Alaskan Hunter Attacked By Bear


A man on a hunting trip found himself in the midst of a frightening role reversal on Tuesday. The hunter, Michael Snowden, became the hunted when a group of bears attacked him.

Snowden, 68, was dragging a deer carcass with a friend when he was attacked. According to Alaska wildlife officials, a female bear bolted out from the brush and sprinted towards them. Snowden’s friend, Jeff Ostrin, shot and killed the bear, but not before it got to Snowden’s leg first.

Moments later, a second bear came charging towards them. Ostrin had no choice but to shoot and kill that bear as well.

A Coast Guard crew arrived soon after and transported Snowden to the hospital; he was treated for severe injuries to his leg.

Nathan Svoboda, a wildlife biologist with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, called Ostrin a “hero” for his handling of the emergency.

“(Ostrin) was truly a hero,” Svoboda told the Alaska Dispatch News. “He did everything he needed to do. He was able to dispatch the bears. He was able to contact the skipper and get rescue on the way and then he did a fantastic job of treating the wounds and making sure the scene was safe.”

Sources: Alaska Dispatch News, New York Daily News

Photo: MailOnline


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