Rolando Lozano Nabbed On Burglary Charges Minutes After Facebook Taunt 'Catch Me If U Can'


While many Facebook users constantly lament what they see as lack of privacy on the ubiquitous social media site, one man in Rosenberg, Texas, not only didn’t seem to know or care about such issues, he thought Facebook was a good forum to stick his tongue out at police over a string of crimes he’d allegedly committed the day before.

Rolando Lozano and his brother Damian went on a crime spree Sunday, breaking into 17 cars in Rosenberg’s Seabourne Meadows neighborhood.

Nabbing Damian proved rather easy for the Rosenberg cops. They grabbed him almost right away. But his brother proved a bit more slippery.

So the police department took to its Facebook page to ask citizens for help in tracking down Rolando Lozano. They posted his information in hopes that some social media user would provide a useful tip.

Well, one did—in a manner of speaking.

Very quickly a comment appeared under the police department’s post. It was from a Rolando Hoyuela Lozano. And it read as follows:

“f*** all yall hoes, im innocent, catch me if u can muthasuckas”

(All punctuation, spelling and capitalization, or lack thereof, original.)

Fewer than 15 minutes later, cops had Lozano in custody, as seen in the above picture which appeared on the Rosenberg Police Facebook page.

The police posted a message along with the picture.

“Not 15 minutes after Rolando Lozano 'taunted' law enforcement and the community as a whole, on our own Facebook site, your Rosenberg Police Officers (detectives and patrol alike) located Rolando hiding out at a family member's home, where he was captured,” the police wrote. “Both brothers, Damian and Rolando are now behind bars. And... in a bizarre twist, the resident of the home he was hiding out in, also had a warrant.”

Just another example of why you need to be careful what you post on social media.

SOURCES: Rosenberg Police Facebook Page, KTRK-TV, News 92 FM


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