Rodolfo Almira Building Noah’s Ark Replica In Florida


About six months ago, a Florida man started building an exact replica of Noah’s Ark using the bible’s specifications. Rodolfo Almira thinks that the project will take him about two years. Almira got the idea for the “Hidden Ark” after watching animals struggle for survival during Hurricane Katrina. He is hoping that creating the ark will help to raise environmental awareness.

Almira has gotten about $300,000 in donations to help complete the project but believes that finishing the ark will end up costing about $1.5 million, The Washington Times reported. He has started a Kickstarter campaign to hopefully raise the rest of the money.

Even though the ark has obvious religious implications, Almira says that it is nonreligious. “It has nothing to do with any specific religion,” Almira said.

It will ultimately house a petting zoo with small animals and a museum. The finished ark will be about 500 feet long and three stories tall.

This isn’t just for the community,” Almira said. “It’s for the entire world.”

Almira is not alone in his quest to build an ark. Christian ministry “Answers in Genesis” began constructing an ark in 2011 that it hoped would eventually become a religious theme park. That project is still incomplete.

Sources: The Washington Times, The Inquisitr


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