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Rocker Goes From Punk To Princess In Amazing MakeUNDER (Video)

One woman showed what a “makeunder” can really do as she underwent an amazing transformation that left her looking like a completely new person.

Mel, 21, appeared on a British reality show that has makeup-obsessed people go through a makeover that shows off their natural beauty.

Mel was the ideal example of makeup-obsessed. With numerous piercings, her pink Mohawk hair, white makeup, heavy eyeliner, and spiked collar, she admitted to the show her punk look used to scare people away on the street.

Her mom, Jill, can attest to that.

“Some people look at her as if she’s… scum,” Jill said.

But Mel says that didn’t bother her.

“If its not ripped, rip it and dye your [hair] the brightest colors ever,” she told the show. “I couldn’t care less what anyone says about me.”

Still, she went through with the makeover, which revealed her natural beauty.

“I’ve never seen myself like this before,” she said. “I feel sexy.”

In fact, two strangers interviewed on the show said they would “snog” her, while someone else said they would marry her because she appeared to be “approachable.”

But despite Mel now turning heads, she rejected the new her, saying she felt she looked like her mother.

Her real-life makeover may have lasted only a short while, but the video of Mel’s transformation has gone viral, getting over 300,000 views on YouTube since she first appeared on the show.

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