Woman Who Broke Car Window To Save Dog Locked Inside Will Not Be Charged For Damages


A woman in Rochester, New York will not be facing any charges after breaking a window to rescue a dog from a locked car on a hot day.

According to reports, Rochester police were called to a local Wegmans grocery store after the woman noticed the dog in the parked car. It was a hot day, and the dog was locked in the car with the window cracked only a few inches.

The distraught woman decided to take matters into her own hands and began to pound on the window with her shoe. Eventually, the window broke, and she was able to rescue the dog from inside of the hot car.

Police arrived to find that the window had been smashed, but reports now say that the woman will not be charged for damaging the dog owner’s vehicle, as she was attempting to help the dog. The dog owner will also face no charges for leaving the animal in the locked car.

Commenters online have praised the woman for saving the dog, but have questioned why the pet’s owner is not facing any consequences.

“Great job!! I am glad that she smashed the damn window!!! The owner of the dog should be ticketed for leaving her dog in the car,” commented one user on 13 WHAM News’ report. “Now let's put the owner of the car in for no more than 30 minutes to see what they would do!!! Pure stupidity!!!”

The dog was reportedly locked in the car for 30 minutes and did not appear to be harmed.


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