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Robot Teaching Kids in New Jersey School District (Video)

Some students may think their teachers have the personality of a robot, but kids in the Randolph Township, N.J. school district actually have a robot for a teacher.

The NAO programmable robot isn't replacing teachers, yet, but rather helping them instruct students in computer science, engineering, physics and math (video below).

It also speaks with a classic robotic voice, "I can recognize your face and answer your questions."

Created by the Teq company, the NAO robot can be programmed to stand up, wave, and sit down.

"For the school to bring NAO in, it gives the kids a chance to really learn programming at a very basic level and then complex if they're up to it," Teq's Andrew Grefig told My Fox NY.

The NAO robot is still in its early stages, but more school districts are showing interest in the mechanical teaching assistant.

There are already 3,000 different types of robots or robotic devices in classrooms around the U.S.

Source: My Fox NY


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