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Man's Family Receives Gift From Strangers After His Death

On New Year’s Eve, Kathie McKernan learned her 29-year-old son, Robert McKernan, had been shot and killed in his Massillon, Ohio, home. His wife, Colleen McKernan, 26, has since been charged with murder.

Since then, Kathie and her husband, Michael Foehrenbach, have been distraught. Last Friday, they were set with the emotionally grueling task of planning Robert’s funeral. They told Fox-8 they stopped at Vito Corleone’s, a local restaurant, after making arrangements. A young couple nearby stopped them, and the man asked Kathie, “Ma’am, is there anything I can do for you?” She shook her head, but the young couple bought them a drink before they slipped out of the restaurant.

However, before they took their leave, the couple gave the hostess a napkin to give to Kathie. The napkin contained a note that read: “Life gets tough sometimes, I can see it in your eyes. You might just need this more than I do!!” It was signed with a heart, followed by “The Mullets.” The napkin also contained a $100 bill.  

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“At the time they did that, they had no way of knowing that it was Kathie’s son and my stepson who had been murdered," Michael said. "So it was like the hand of God reaching down and touching us.”

Kathie agreed. “They’re angels,” she said through tears. “They’re angels.”

The couple did not leave any contact information.

Source: Fox-8 / Image via Fox-8


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