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Man Reunited With Class Ring After 35 Years

A San Francisco surfer who lost his ring while catching a wave in 1979 had it given back to him by a treasure hunter.

Robert Fowler was 17 when the gold class ring slipped off his finger as he was surfing in the Pacific Ocean off a Marin County Beach, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

He never thought he would see it again, but the now 52-year-old dentist was left stunned after treasure hunter Larry Feurzeig contacted him via email earlier this month.

Feurzeig, a Pacific Heights apartment house manager, was strolling the Bolinas beach with his metal detector when he found the gold band.

The letters MTS — for his old Mount Tamalpais School — were engraved on the outside with Fowler’s initials inside.

Through alumni records, Feurzeig was able to track the ring to Fowler and emailed him to meet Wednesday, Jan. 8, in front of a Whole Foods Market in Pacific Heights.

Feurzeig delivered the gold ring, which Fowler had last seen 35 years ago, back to its rightful owner in exchange for a bottle of Champagne, according to NBC Bay Area.

"I'm shocked. Amazed. Overjoyed. Life has a way of continuing to surprise us. Thanks," Fowler told the San Francisco Chronicle.

Sources: San Francisco ChronicleNBC Bay Area / Photo Credit: Lea Suzuki/San Francisco Chronicle


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