Robert Carr Charged For Breaking And Entering And Theft After Accusations He Broke Into Abandoned Homes And Claimed Ownership


The man who is accused of breaking into abandoned homes, changing the locks and then claiming the houses are his property is now facing criminal charges.

WLWT reports that police in both Springdale and Forest Park, Ohio, have filed criminal charges against Robert Carr for breaking and entering and theft.

Carr is charged with three counts of breaking and entering and three counts of theft involving a few houses, two in Springdale and one in Forest Park.

Last week it was reported that Carr had filed 11 deeds claiming ownership over property he doesn’t own. Carr filed “quiet titles” on these properties, saying he has a right to claim them because the families who previously occupied the homes have forfeited their rights of ownership because they abandoned the property. Carr also expects to pay not one dime for these properties.

“When you abandon something, you forfeit all your rights and title to it, and title is not a piece of paper, title is when you grab it and say ‘Mine,’” Carr told WLWT.

Carr is currently being held on more than $40,000 bond, according to NineMSN, which also noted that Ohio real estate attorney John Yonas believes Carr has no claim to any of the houses he acquired in this manner, as there will be no way for him to demonstrate he has occupied the properties exclusively and continuously for 21 years — as set out in Ohio’s quiet title legislation.

Sources: NineMSN, WLWT


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