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Robbery Victim Slashes Suspect's Tires, Thwarts Getaway

A St. Joseph, Missouri, robbery victim slashed the tires of the accused thief in an act of “vandalism” that led to the arrest of the suspect.

Marti Wilson arrived home Tuesday morning just after 11 a.m. from school and found something out of the ordinary.

“There was a strange vehicle parked in the driveway … it was still running,” Wilson told WDAF.

Wilson shares the home with her elderly mother and knew the car did not belong there.

Wilson also found other clues of a break-in.

“I noticed that someone had tampered with the side door,” she said. “The glass was broken out, and part of the door was missing.”

It was not a huge surprise for Wilson to realize her home was being robbed because a prescription pill bottle was stolen from her with her contact information on it about three weeks ago.

“I knew something was going to happen, I just didn’t know when,” she added.

Wilson had noticed activity around her home lately, and was suspicious that someone was trying to break in.

“I think they’ve been trying to follow our patterns and see when we're here and when we're gone,” Wilson said.

Encountering 30-year-old Casey Hueser allegedly robbing her home proved her suspicions were correct.

“I heard the garage door open and he came down the side stairs, so I met him down at the garage … and he started back up into the house,” Wilson said.

That is when the homeowner took action by taking the key out of the car’s ignition before he returned.

Wilson then used her pocket knife to punch holes in Hueser’s car tires.

Hueser tried to distract Wilson to get away, but little did he know, she had his key in her pocket.

“He had a container full of medication and prescription meds, and they went all over the stairwell and into the garage and he took off up the stairs,” said Wilson.

A struggle ensued between Wilson and Hueser, and she eventually gave in and gave him his key so he could leave. He also took her pocket knife.

Wilson then called police, who were able to follow a “trail” and find the suspect.

“His front left tire had a big hole in it, and apparently, with my description of the vehicle, and the fact that he wasn’t moving really fast, and then they found a bunch of the rubber out in the road… so he kind of left a trail,” said Wilson.

Hueser was arrested and charged with first-degree burglary.

“It's my family and you don't hurt my family, it's my mom's house — you don`t take advantage of my mom and get away with it,” Wilson said.

Wilson thinks Hueser should go to prison for a long time for his alleged criminal actions.

Source: WDAF / Photo Source: Inquisitr


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