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Robbery Suspect Threatens Licensed Female Gun Owner With Needle Before Fleeing

A robbery suspect in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, reportedly threatened a woman at an ATM, but got more than he bargained for after she struck back with a threat of her own.

The 40-year-old victim told police she was withdrawing money from an ATM when the man approached her and threatened to inject her with a needle if she didn't hand him the cash, reports the Blaze.

Instead of screaming for help, the woman says she very calmly said the following: "I dare you to stab me."

It helped that she was also reportedly carrying a licensed concealed gun, which she made sure he saw.

The suspect reportedly responded, "Are you seriously going to do that to me?" He didn't wait around for an answer and reportedly fled the scene without making off with her money.

The victim contacted police, who are still searching for the suspect. The incident was caught on surveillance video.

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Source: Blaze

Photo Credit: Horry County Police,


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