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Robbery Suspect Stripped Naked By Victims In Oklahoma City

Corneilyus Howeth was found naked and injured after he tried to rob multiple victims outside Head Honchos hair salon in Oklahoma City.

Just after midnight on Christmas Eve, Howeth jumped into a woman's car and pointed a gun at her, reports News 9. The woman called her brother -- who was inside Head Honchos -- for help, and when he rushed outside Howeth pushed them both into the salon.

Howeth then demanded all of their money, while continuing to ask for someone who was not there.

Things went severely downhill for Howeth when a third person entered the salon. As Howeth turned to point the gun at the newcomer, he was tackled by one of the victims.

After struggling with Howeth, the victims managed to gain control and seize the weapon. They then stripped him naked and pushed him outside, according to KFOR.

The victims say they stripped him in order to make sure he was not carrying any other weapons.

911 was called after Howeth was stripped and pushed outside, and the door was locked to the salon.

Howeth was treated for minor injuries at a hospital before being booked into the Oklahoma County jail for robbery with a firearm.


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