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Robbers Tunnel Into Paris Bank, Clean Out Safe Deposit Boxes

In something out of a Hollywood heist movie, a gang of robbers dug their way into the vault of a bank in Paris and emptied 200 safe deposit boxes. The value of all the stolen goods is still being tallied.

Police say the entered through the basements of neighboring buildings, digging a series of tunnels and at one point burning a hole into a wall nearly a yard thick, to get into the bank which was undergoing renovations at the time.

The men finally broke through Saturday night. They tied up a security guard, and spent the next nine hours robbing the bank. And then when they left, they set the place on fire.

The fire triggered the sprinkler system, which flooded the building. It also may have washed away some evidence leading back to them. The guard escaped unharmed.

It may be difficult to estimate the total value of what was stolen, because only the bank's clients know what was in their safes.

In the understatement of the year, one investigator described the heist as a "professional job."


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