MMA Fighter Defends Coworker At Convenience Store That Robbers Try To Attack (Video)


A pair of Texas criminals picked the wrong place to try and rob because upon arriving at the Houston convenience store, they were greeted by a cashier that doubled as an MMA fighter.

Mayura Dissanyake was working behind the counter at a Fuel Depot when he noticed his coworker return to the store after a trip to the bank. Just as the coworker got out of his vehicle, two men in an SUV jumped out and attacked him. Dissanyake watched the whole ordeal go down, and in the moment, he decided to put his MMA training to work.

Dissanyake ran out of the store, approached the two men, and proceeded to fight back against them.

"The first guy I saw, I just kicked him in the face," said Dissanyake to KPRC. "Then I punched the other guy."

Another man and the attacked coworker then assisted Dissanyake in chasing the two robbers back to their car, but they made sure that one of them wasn’t able to drive off and held him until police arrived.

“I just kicked him until he lays down on the floor,” said Dissanyake. “Until he stopped moving cause I wasn’t sure if he had a knife or a gun so I wanted him to stop moving.”

In the end, one man got away, but 33-year-old Odell Mathis was arrested and charged with robbery with bodily injury.

Sources: The Blaze, KPRC


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