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Robbers Force Way Into Home, Press Gun Against Woman's Neck, Realize They Made Huge Mistake

A Memphis, Tennessee, woman defended herself against a home intruder as he forced his way inside and held a gun against her neck.

According to WREG, the homeowner answered a knock at her door Tuesday evening and was greeted by two men who forced their way into her home. One of the suspects, 22-year-old Nico Carlisle, pressed a gun against the victim’s neck as the two pushed into the home.

As noted by The Blaze, unbeknownst to the suspects, the woman had grabbed a gun before going to answer the door, and as the gun was being pushed against her neck, the woman quickly pulled her weapon out and began to fire at the two men.

One suspect was able to escape, but Carlisle wound up being fatally shot by the homeowner. When police arrived a short time later, Carlisle was pronounced dead at the scene.

The second suspect is still at large, and reports say that the woman has not been charged for killing the intruder.

Sources:The BlazeWREG / Photo Source: Getty Images, Wikimedia Commons


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