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Robbers Armed with AK-47s Hit Detroit Gas Stations

Four robbers, armed with AK-47s, hit several gas stations in Detroit, Michigan on Wednesday and are also responsible for several similar crimes in the city, say police.

Sam Adbullah was working at a BP gas station when he looked up at the security camera.

Abdullah told CBS Detroit: “I had the camera turned on in the back. Usually I don’t, but tonight for some reason I had it on the back. I saw the car and then it disappeared, and then it popped back up on the camera in the back on the building. I saw them come out with the guns and everything. So, I said ‘Oh, s***!’ and I just closed the door, went over there, picked up the phone and called the police."

Adbullah locked the door and got down behind the bullet proof glass. When the robbers couldn’t get in, they left, reports CBS Detroit.

Police say these four suspects are responsible for another robbery that happened just minutes later at a Mobil gas station.

Hours after the police put out a public notice about the robberies, the robbers hit six different gas stations in one hour.

The suspects have been described as a black males in their 20’s, wearing dark clothing and black masks.


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