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Smart Thief Uploads Own Pic to Victim's Facebook Page

A man robbed a Washington, DC home, taking cash, clothes and a laptop, and then uploaded a picture of himself to his victim's Facebook page.

Despite the picture clearly showing the criminal's face -- and the criminal wearing the victim's winter coat and flashing his stolen cash -- police haven't yet apprehended the man responsible for the theft.

Marc Fisher, a reporter and editor at the Washington Post, discovered his home had been robbed sometime on Friday, December 10.

The burglar had entered through a basement door. He stole Fisher's 15-year-old son's coat, cash, savings bonds, and laptop. He then took a photograph of himself and posted it on Fisher's son's Facebook profile. Since Fisher's son has 400 Facebook friends, the picture quickly went viral.

Kyle Roe, the DC police officer who came to inspect the crime scene and search for fingerprints, said, "I’ve seen a lot, but this is the most stupid criminal I’ve ever seen."

Device Magazine, who reported the story, said that since low-level criminals generally just get probation for a crime like this, the police won't be searching too hard for this perpetrator - so he may never get caught. Not so stupid after all.


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