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Robber Stops In His Tracks After Realizing Victim Is Corrections Officer

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A South Carolina man was arrested after he attempted to rob a woman withdrawing money from an ATM and realized she was a correctional officer.

The 32-year-old Sumter County man, Paul Ralph Clark, approached the officer at an ATM near Highway 15 in early April. Clark had an “unknown shiny object” in his hand and demanded money from her.

However, Clark quickly noticed the woman’s uniform and thought better of his actions.

“The victim stated once the offender observed she was wearing a correctional officer uniform, the offender stated ‘Oh sh*t’ and left the scene in a Chrysler 200,” a police report noted.

The victim took down the car’s license plate number and reported the attempted robbery to Sumter County deputies. They were able to trace it to Clark’s residency, where he was discovered and arrested.

Clark has since been charged with attempted armed robbery in connection with the incident.  

Sources: Fox News, WECT 6

Photo Credit: Fox News, Flickr/InfoWars


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