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Robber Points Gun At Man Who's Completely Unfazed

A crazy new viral video shows a man robbing a store and flailing a gun around while a calm, cool, and collected customer seems completely unfazed by the situation.

In the clip, a man wearing a biker helmet walks into a store with a gun in his hand and begins to wave the gun around in the air. At one point, a man attempts to walk past him into the store, and the agitated gunman proceeds to put the gun to the man’s head.

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Despite having a gun pointed directly at his head, the man is completely unfazed and even swats the gunman’s hand away as if there is a fly buzzing near him. Right before the clip ends, the gunman flees the store.

Check out the viral clip of the crazed gunman and badass man’s interaction.

Sources: IJReview, Reddit


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