Robber Accidentally Calls 911, Confesses To Crime (Video)


New Mexico man Aaron Burrell and his two accomplices nearly got away with a burglary last month, until Burrell accidentally called 911 and confessed to the theft in detail.

Burrell and his accomplices, Marvin Myers and Yvonne Thyberg, had robbed a Roswell house in September. Following the robbery, Burrell accidentally dialed 911.

“Look, I know we should have gotten a lot more, but you know what my only thing is that we got away safe, clean,” Burrell said in the recording. “We basically robbed ‘em dude.”

During the call, Burrell also mentioned stealing a TV set, as well as other details explaining how the trio got away with the crime and the location of the robbery. At one point, the three can be heard singing to Bon Jovi’s “Wanted Dead or Alive."

Following the confession, dispatchers immediately arrived at the East Hervey Street home and found that the house had in fact been burglarized, according to Roswell Police Spokesperson Todd Wildermuth.

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After tracking Burrell’s cell phone, officers managed to arrest all three last week.

Burrell and Thyberg are currently in jail, though Myers’ charges were dropped.

Sources: KRQE, WILX


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