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'The Rob, Arnie and Dawn' Radio Show Jokes About Boston Bombing, Gets Canceled

'The Rob, Arnie and Dawn Show' was pulled off the air by station management at KRXQ 98 in Sacramento, California, for joking about the Boston Marathon bombing.

'The Rob, Arnie and Dawn Show' was canceled this week after another radio host, Don Geronimo on CBS Sports1140, criticized the trio for their dark humor, reports CBS Sacramento.

“Maybe I’m the one with the problem. I’m the one who’s the shock jock doing the shock jock radio show and I don’t feel good doing jokes about what happened in Boston,” said Geronimo.

Geronimo criticized the trio on April 17 and 18. He played clips of Rob, Arnie and Dawn joking about creating a list of five things they hated about Boston. Arnie later joked about a man whose legs were blown off while watching his girlfriend run in the marathon. Arne said the man could “hold that over her head forever.”

Ironically, the three radio show hosts sounded like they were claiming to be victims in a statement posted on their website. 

“For reasons unclear to us, our Sacramento carrier, 98 Rock (KRXQ), allowed itself to be bullied and misled by the local radio host who so grossly distorted truth and facts,” Rob, Arnie and Dawn's statement read in part. “We understand a radio station’s desire and instinct to protect itself for economic and political purposes, but this is absurd.”

They also called Geronimo a “bottom-feeder” and “local thug.”

“To this, we at the Rob, Arnie and Dawn Show say, you’re a sad, pathetic character, shame on you, and shame on 98 Rock and their parent company, Entercom Communications. We encourage our faithful listeners and all other truth-seekers to call in and email. As always, thank you for your support — and you may hear us again in Sacramento Monday!”

Source: CBS Sacramento


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