'Road Rules' Star Danny Dias Found Dead (Photo)


Authorities found "Road Rules" star Danny Dias' body at his New York apartment on June 5.

It is believed the 34-year-old reality TV star may have killed himself while on drugs, TMZ reports.

Dias' body was found with two vertical lacerations on his forearm. A friend recalls Dias acting unusually after allegedly taking LSD and hallucinogenic mushrooms, adding that was the last time he saw him.

For two days, the friend tried contacting Dias but after receiving no response, called the police.

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Dias appeared in season 13 of  MTV show "Road Rules" in 2004, a reality TV show nominated for an Emmy in 2001. A year later, in 2005, Dias appeared on spin-off show, "The Challenge."

"Road Rules" followed a group of young strangers in an RV as they traveled around the U.S., searching for clues and completing missions.

News of the star's death caused many on social media to express a range of emotions, from sorrow to anger.

"Very sad young life lost :(" wrote one Daily Mail reader.

Many angrily questioned why Dias' friend left him in the first place.

"What kind of friend leaves you after you did mushrooms and some other i$#+ ?" asked one reader. "See, we ALL have to be careful of the company we keep. It's Danny's responsibility, NO DOUBT! But this 'friend' didn't check on him for 2 days. What a waste of a human. Based on how this is written, I wouldn't want my name printed."

Some found the friend's behavior suspicious, wondering if he knew Dias was in danger but left because he didn't want to get in trouble with authorities.

"Nice 'friend'.. run out on your buddy who you know has taken something and is not handling it well.. then don't even check on him after he doesn't answer the phone.. until 2 days later??" added another. "Sounds like the friend brought the drugs, then when his buddy either passed out or freaked out he got scared and ran."

Even if he did run away to avoid legal trouble, many said he still should have stayed.

"I had a friend OD at my place because she took something while she was not with me," added another. "At the time I was doing C. But her life was more important than anything else at the moment. Even though I was scared about what could happen with me, I was terrified of what would happen with her. We now have a law that if someone OD's in our presence we will not be in any trouble if we call 911 even if we are doing drugs ourselves. Thank god that lifestyle is behind me, but last year we had 1,000 deaths due to OD."

Sources: TMZ, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Pixabay, Just Jared

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