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Road-Raging White Man: 'Black Lives Don't Matter' (Video)

Brandon Levston, who is African-American, recently filmed an angry white motorist going on a racist rant in Memphis (video below).

He posted the video on his Facebook page (Skye Lev) where it went viral before being removed by the social media giant; the video is now being shared on YouTube.

Levston explained to WHBQ that he felt like getting out of his car to confront the man, but chose not to because he has two children and does not trust the justice system. He filmed from inside his car.

He told WMC that the drama began over a lane change incident near a local mall. The motorist subsequently pulled his car over, and hurled several racist insults, including the N-word.

The raging motorist walked up to told Levston's car, and said:

"Hey, Trump! Trump all the way! Trump!" the other driver said. "Black lives don’t matter, there ain’t no proof. Just because you say something don’t mean nothing. prove it!"

The motorist asserted that Levston drove up, sped around him and made him (the motorist) hit his brakes.

"That makes you a n*****!" the motorist insisted. "That proves, check it out, that proves that black lives don’t matter! If you have a sign, if you have a subject, you tell me why black lives matter, because people say so?"

The racist motorist also lectured Levston about Martin Luther King jr., recalled the first episode of "Boondocks" and said, "put it on Facebook, I don't care. Look at me, you're a punk who lives off social media. I don't even have a social media account. You know why? Because white lives matter."

Levston told WMC that the man's racist rant is a reason to vote in the presidential election:

Is voting going to straighten him up? Absolutely not. Is voting going to change a lot of people's views on racism? Absolutely not. But nonetheless, my message is to get out and vote, be heard, make an informed decision.

WHBQ is researching the motorist's identity, as is Shaun King, a writer for the New York Daily News, who tweeted on Nov. 6: "Please, PRETTY mf'n PLEASE help me identify this racist white supremacist man who repeatedly called a Black motorist in Memphis a [n******]."


Sources: WMC, WHBQ, Shaun King/Twitter / Photo Credit: Brandon Levston via YouTube

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