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'Road Rage' Victim's Husband Claims Media Treated Wife Like 'Animal' (Video)

Controversy continues to swirl around the death of Las Vegas mom Tammy Meyers who was fatally shot on Feb. 12 over an apparent road rage incident.

According to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Tammy and her 15-year-old daughter finished a driving lesson in a school parking lot and were driving home when an aggressive driver pulled up behind them to pass. Tammy's daughter honked the horn while her mom drove home, reported ABC News.

The police say that when Tammy got home, she told her 22-year-old son Brandon Meyers, who owns a gun, to help her find the driver, which they did, but then lost him. When Tammy and her son got home, the "road rage" suspect drove up and allegedly began firing, hitting Tammy, who died on Feb. 14. Brandon reportedly returned fire.

A GoFundMe online donation campaign was set up for the Meyers family, but was later removed because some donors accused the Meyers family of withholding information.

The GoFundMe page stated, "The suspects followed Tammy and her daughter home and opened fire," but the gunfire didn't happen until Tammy and her son Brandon returned home, according to police. Some donors were also angry that the page didn't disclose that Meyers and her son had gone looking for the "road rage" driver.

In response, Tammy's husband Robert posted a Facebook statement that read in part, "At this time I have shut down the GoFundMe account that I didn't start, a friend did. Everyone will get donations returned. I never said anything different than told. If all you people think I was a fraud and lied about facts, I'm truly sorry. I only ever said what was told to me," reports KTNV.

The alleged "road rage" shooter Erich Nowsch was arrested on Feb. 19. He turned out to be a neighbor who lived within walking distance of the Meyers home.

While police were arresting Nowsch at his mother's home, Robert turned to the press and accused it of treating his wife like an animal (video below).

"Are you all happy? You made my wife look like an animal, and my son. There's the animal, a block away. Are you happy?" yelled Robert.

Later, Robert admitted there were more facts that he hadn't previously disclosed to the public, noted CNN.

"We know this boy. I couldn't tell you this before," Robert told reporters. "He knew where I lived. We knew how bad he was, but we didn't know it was this bad. That he'd gotten to this point, and his friends."

Las Vegas police claimed they didn't know until yesterday that Tammy knew Nowsch.

Nowsch was charged with murder, attempted murder and unlawful discharge of a gun from a vehicle.

Sources: ABC News, KTNV, CNN  / Image Credit: CNN Screenshot


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