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Road Rage Victim’s Last Words After Being Followed For 15 Miles: He Smashed Me With The Car

Pennsylvania State Police released an excerpt from a 911 call placed by a 28-year-old man when an angry driver followed him for 15 miles and shot him dead

Timothy Davison called 911 on Jan. 4 to report being shot at.

Just after crossing into Pennsylvania, police believe his car was rammed by a pickup truck onto a grassy median, where the other driver shot Davison dead.

There is no evidence that Davison instigated the incident or provoked the shooter, Pennsylvania State Police Capt. Steven Junkin said in January.

Davison had called 911 in Maryland, but the call was cut off. When he called the second time he was on Interstate 81 in Franklin County, Pa. This time he said the driver was shooting at him.

Operator: “OK. Were you the one that called about the Ford Ranger, right?”

Davison: “Yeah, yeah, yeah. The one that just hit me.”

Operator: “What do you mean -- they hit you? Hit your with a car or ...?”

Davison: “Yeah, smashed me with the car. Pushed me across the median.”

Ten minutes later, Davison was found dead in his SUV, which hit a snowbank near Antrim Township.

Police are still looking for a 1993-1997 dark lapis blue Ford Ranger pickup truck.

Davison was returning to Poland, Maine, after visiting family in Orlando, Fla., during the holidays.

Sources: Daily Mail, Fox News


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