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Road Rage Driver Runs Over Vets On Memorial Day (Video)

An automobile driver was caught on a cell phone video (below) running over Joseph Calderazzo and Melanie Milinkovich, who were riding a motorcycle, in Lutz, Florida, on May 30.

Witness Abe Garcia filmed the Memorial Day incident that reportedly began with a verbal argument between someone in the car and Calderazzo.

"The guy driving the car was driving recklessly, like crazy out of control," Garcia told WFTS. "I saw him almost run one of the bikers over, like off the side of the road. So, then the bikers caught up to him at a red light and words started exchanging, and then the guy went complete psychopath."

Garcia's dramatic cell phone video shows the car plowing into Calderazzo and Milinkovich, who are knocked to the ground on U.S. Highway 41.

"The guy tried to kill them," Garcia recalled. "It was a red light and then it turned green. He could've just gone straight, but he went for the biker."

Garcia posted the video on his Facebook page where it went viral.

"I knew something was going to go down, I didn't know that extreme at all," Garcia added. "But people are crazy man; anywhere your life could end instantly."

Garcia told WFLA that Calderazzo and Milinkovich are veterans.

The car's driver drove away from the scene but was followed by witnesses, one of whom he allegedly sideswiped, reports WESH.

Florida State Troopers arrested Robert Vance, 31, about five minutes after the incident. His car was reportedly damaged in a way that was consistent with the road rage incident.

Vance allegedly confessed to troopers that he was the driver, notes WFTS.

He was charged with leaving the scene of the crash with injury, driving with a suspended license, and two counts of attempted murder, reports WFLA.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, Vance is a habitual traffic offender.

Vance has reportedly served time in state prison twice, and has previous convictions for drug, burglary and felony traffic charges.

Calderazzo and Milinkovich were not seriously injured but did have some scrapes and bruises.


Sources: WFLAWFTS, WESH / Photo Credit: Abe Garcia via YouTube

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