This Man Learned The Hard Why Road Rage Is Bad (Video)

A road rager was captured on dash cam recently after he attempted to cut off another car and narrowly missed a pedestrian.

The video begins with Car A, the road rager, in a right lane that’s about to end. The driver fails to notice until the last minute and attempts to merge. However, the car recording the incident, Car B, refuses to let the driver by and instead speeds up.

Evidently angered by Car B not backing down, Car A speeds up and cuts off Car B. In the rager’s attempt to swerve in front of Car B, he crosses too far over the road and hits the open door of a parked car.

The rager narrowly missed the man exiting the parked car.

In the final seconds of the video, the driver recording the incident can be heard laughing to himself.

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Sources: The Blaze, Gizmodo


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