Ohio Road Rage Crash Injures Four, Including Two Pregnant Women


An Ohio road rage crash on Sunday has left one person in critical condition and three others injured, including two pregnant women.

Dayton Police were searching for two vehicles involved in a road rage incident when they found the crash around 5 p.m. A wrecked Blue truck and silver Dodge Charger were found in an intersection, Dayton police Lt. Mark Ponichtera said.

"As a result of the accident there has been four people removed to Miami Valley Hospital, two of which are pregnant females," Ponichtera said, adding that one of the four is in "life-threatening condition."

Police were responding to a call about a road rage incident involving two vehicles.

"One vehicle was described as the silver vehicle that's involved in the crash here," Ponichtera said. 

The two pregnant women in the silver Charger were allegedly involved in a high speed chase and the blue truck got in their way.

"The blue truck was just driving along and was impacted by the silver vehicle," Ponichtera added.

The driver and passenger, Ronald Lewis, 59, and Anthony Ferguson, 60, were trapped inside for 20 minutes while the fire department freed them through “mechanical means.”

Lewis was listed in critical condition Monday morning. Ferguson was released from the hospital.

Police are still searching for the other vehicle involved in the road rage chase.

Sources: WHIO, Columbus Dispatch


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