Road Rage Couple Rear Ends Kentucky Man, Beats Him Up (Video)

Kentucky police are investigating a shocking road rage attack during which a man was dragged from his car and beaten in the street.

Witness David Boggs says he was driving on Interstate 71 in Carroll County on Sunday when two trucks collided.

The suspect in the video rear-ended another truck. That driver and a female passenger leapt out of their vehicle and yanked the victim from his truck.

"She jumps up on the hood and runs and does a weave move and jumps on top of him and helps knock him down,” Boggs told WAVE3. “Then he starts beating him up.”

The victim can be scene on the ground in the video, the woman sitting on top of him while the man repeatedly punches him in the head.

“This girl she never got off of him even when I pulled away she was still sitting on top of him and the man who got hit - he never was aggressive or nothing," Boggs said.

He says he contacted police and left the scene because he feared for his own safety.

Kentucky State Police say the investigation into the attack is ongoing and no arrests have been made.

Sources: WAVE3, New York Daily News


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