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Road Rage Cop Allegedly Followed Black Woman, Bumped Car, Spit In Her Face

A Georgia police officer was arrested and placed on leave after he allegedly spit in a woman’s face and called her a racial slur.

Clayton County Police Officer Thomas Sheats was charged with battery, assault and disorderly conduct stemming for a June 29 traffic stop on Highway 155.

Michele Griffith, 27, claims Sheats followed her for miles, blowing the horn, driving spastically and nudging her car.

Griffith admits she drives cautiously and slow.

"[He was] swerving from left to right, speeding up behind me," Griffith told WXIA-TV. "I even swerved to the right to let him know he can pass but never took the opportunity."

Griffith says she pulled over into a shopping center parking lot and Sheats, who wasn’t in uniform, approached her car shouting expletives, WSB-TV reported.

"Why the [expletive] you going 35 miles per hour on a 45 mile per hour road?” she recalled the officer told her.

She said he could have gone around her, but that allegedly made him angrier.

"'I couldn't pass, you low life piece of [expletive] [n-word]' ... and spit on me," Griffith alleged.

She said concerned citizens witnessed the verbal attack and attempted to block him from leaving until on-duty police arrived. Some wrote down his tag number.

One witness said he saw Sheats spit on Griffith.

"He was in her face the entire time. It was wrong. Everything he did was wrong in my opinion," Tristan Holt, who works in the shopping center, told WSB-TV.

Then Sheats allegedly got in his car and drove away.

Booked into Henry County, Jail he bonded out last week. He is currently on unpaid administrative leave pending an Internal Affairs investigation.

Sheats hopes he loses his badge.

“I want him gone, period,” she said.

Sheats' attorney, Keith Martin, told WXIA-TV that his client didn’t start the altercation and that surveillance footage from a nearby McDonald’s will prove it.

McDonald’s would not show the tape to the news channel.

Belva Brown, who witnessed the incident while standing outside the shopping center with her two children, says it doesn’t matter who started shouting first.

"You have to serve everybody and protect everybody, with your uniform and without it," Brown said.

Sources: WSB-TV, WXIA-TV


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