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Road Rage Bikers Will Likely Get Reduced Sentences, Victim Alexian Lien is Speechless

A gang of bikers who assaulted a driver in New York will likely get reduced sentences after prosecutors reported that the victim was "healing well."

Alexian Lien and his family were driving on New York's West Side Highway on Sept. 29 when their Range Rover was cornered and attacked by a gang of bikers.

Lien reportedly ran over one of the bikers in an attempt to escape the attack, prompting the bikers to chase him for 50 blocks. 

After dragging Lien out of his car, the bikers brutally assaulted the man as his family was forced to watch. A witness captured the horrifying incident on video.

Prosecutors are now saying that the 10 bikers involved in the attack will likely receive lesser assault charges — all because Lien has been having a successful recovery since the incident.

There have also been talks of plea deals in the works.

Biker Wojciech Braszczok was reportedly offered three years in prison, reports CBS Local. Other bikers involved in the incident could receive sentences ranging from 60 days to eight years in prison.

According to the New York Post, Lien ignored press questions regarding the case.

Sources: CBS Local, New York Post


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