Road Rage: Bikers Chase SUV Driver in New York City (Video)


Alexian Lien reportedly feared for his family's safety, and that's supposedly why he drove his Range Rover SUV through a crowd of bikers. Unfortunately, that decision turned a bad situation into a straight up nightmare.

A video (below) was recorded by a helmet cam worn by one of the bikers during the bizarre chase in New York City on Sunday.

In the beginning of the video, the bikers appear to be driving too close to Lien, when one of them brakes hard and accidentally gets bumped by Lien's SUV.

Lien pulls the SUV over, but after a few seconds, the bikers allegedly started damaging the SUV, although it's a long shot on the video and too hard to see.

Fearing his wife and child's safety, Lien suddenly drives off, but hits several of the bikers.

The huge group of bikers then chase Lien and his family through New York City.

The SUV is forced to stop at traffic light and the bikes surround Lien. Some of the bikers run up to attack the vehicle and smash the driver's window and rear door window.

That's when the video stops.

An NYPD spokesman told the Daily Mail that Lien was taken to a local hospital and treated for cuts to his face and body.

None of the bikers have been arrested yet, but the video is likely to track some of them down.

The video was posted by a biker, using the handle GIXXARDR, on Liveleaks this morning. He claims one biker was killed, which police denied.

Source: Daily Mail, Fox News


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