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RNC Official Asks Republicans In Congress To Support Gay Rights

Robert Kabel, Republican National Committeeman at the District of Columbia Republican Party, sent a letter on RNC letterhead to House and Senate Republicans asking them to rethink their position on gay issues.

“Despite the media’s often-reported storyline of the right’s opposition to gay rights, the fact is that a large majority of rank-and-file Republicans support legislation that affects gay Americans, including the Employment Non-Discrimination Act … a majority of Republicans is satisfied with the repeal of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ and supports keeping marriage a state issue,” Kabel wrote. “It’s time that our Party’s platform and elected officials begin to reflect the views of most Republicans.”

The letter was accompanied with a book by Libertarian activist David Lampo, entitled “A Fundamental Freedom: Why Repbulicans, Conservatives, and Libertarians Should Support Gay Rights.”

In the book, released in 2012, Lampo argues that people who want to limit government and bolster individual rights are hypocrites if they don’t believe gay rights are a personal freedom issue.

The letter was provided to TheBlaze by an unnamed GOP congressional staffer, who said recipients were stunned to see the RNC logo at the top of the letter.

“Why is the RNC sending a letter in support of gay marriage and ENDA?” the staffer wondered.

Raffi Williams, Deputy Press Secretary at the RNC, told TheBlaze that the letter didn’t have the approval of the RNC.

“The RNC’s platform supports the traditional definition of marriage,” Williams said.

Kabel said the message was financed by the Liberty Education Forum, the think tank of the Log Cabin Republicans.

“A lot of younger Americans are turned off by the Republicans’ heavy focus on social issues, and as a gay man, I know so many of my friends have left the party because of the lack of correct attention on economic and defense issues,” Kabel said.

“Those who focus on abortion, right to life and marriage … a lot of people in the party think we focus too much attention on that,” Kabel added. “I’m not trying to lecture anyone or tell anyone how to run their campaign, because in some districts this won’t matter, but in other districts, losing the youth or women vote will matter.”

The RNC is currently pushing for more inclusiveness. During Black History Month, it bought radio and print ads for the first time to honor prominent black Republicans.

Sources: CNN, TheBlaze


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