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18-Year-Old Unarmed Teen Shot And Killed By Officer, Sparks Rioting And Looting (Video)

The vigil of an unarmed teen who was shot and killed by a police officer quickly turned into a violent demonstration by an angry mob.

18-year-old Michael Brown was shot and killed by a police officer on Saturday afternoon after a fight with another person. Brown was reportedly shot several times and died of his injuries, and the suburban St. Louis area of Ferguson, Missouri quickly erupted.

Following the shooting of the unarmed teen, an angry crowd of locals gathered and chaos ensued. The people allegedly began to yell, “Kill the police!” (Note: There are conflicting reports and some say they simply shouted "No justice, no peace!") as they confronted officers following the Saturday afternoon shooting. After people reported hearing gunshots, additional officers were dispatched to the scene.

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(via The Blaze)

Overnight, SWAT teams arrived as people began to riot in the area. A local convenience store suddenly caught fire, and people were captured on camera looting from stores. People were seen carrying bags of food and other items out of the stores, and police cars were reportedly vandalized.

“Right now, the small group of people are creating a huge mess,” Mayor James Knowles told St. Louis KTVI-TV. “Contributing to the unrest that is going on is not going to help. … We’re only hurting ourselves, only hurting our community, hurting our neighbors. There’s nothing productive from this.”

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(via The Blaze)

The FBI will be called in to handle the investigation into the 18-year-old’s murder as outraged members of the community call for answers. Brown’s mother says she wants the officer responsible for shooting her unarmed son to pay the price.

“I would like to see him go to jail with the death penalty,” said Lesley McSpadden.

The officer who shot and killed 18-year-old Brown has reportedly been with the Ferguson Police Department for six years. He’s currently on administrative leave.

Sources: TheBlaze (2), KSDK


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