Rio Residents Find Leg Floating In Water


A severed leg was found floating near the waters of the Rio coastline where an Olympic race was taking place.

Authorities were called in after residents of Ilha do Governador spotted the leg bobbing around in waters near the coast. The leg is thought to be male and was chopped off at the hip, according to Daily Mail.

The macabre discovery took place on Aug. 14 in Guanabara Bay as Britain’s Scott Giles sailed to first place just a few miles away.

Sailors preparing for the Olympics had complained about the quantity of garbage floating in the bay before the games. Plastic bags and sofas have been found in the water while athletes were training.

Researchers have also found raw sewage and antibiotic-resistant bacteria near the area where long-distance swimmers and triathletes are competing

Although the leg has the name “Kauan” tattooed on the calf, Brazilian authorities say the victim is unlikely to be identified, says a source from the homicide department.

“The leg was taken away to be examined. Samples will be taken in case anyone comes forward to report anyone missing,” says the source.

“But they will not be compared with lists of people already reported as missing. It is reportedly common to find body parts in the Guanabara Bay.

“It was probably someone murdered by the drugs gangs who was dumped in one of the rivers that flow into the bay.”

A dismembered foot was also found by the Olympic volleyball arena before the games, Bloomberg reported.

“We are a big city, and we have the problems that a big city has,” Rodrigo Tostes Solon de Pontes, chief operating officer for the Rio 2016 organizing committee, said. “These things could happen in big cities all over the world.”

In July, children playing in the water found a woman’s buttocks inside a plastic bag that was washed ashore.

Sources: Daily Mail, Bloomberg / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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