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Ringling Bros Circus Kills Runaway Zebra

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Yesterday, Ringling announced that it had euthanized Lima, the 12-year-old zebra who ran amok for 40 minutes in Atlanta after he escaped from the circus last month. According to a statement released by the circus, numerous medical treatments failed to repair the damage to the zebra's hooves.

Shortly after Lima escaped, PETA called on the U.S. Department of Agriculture to ensure that Lima be provided adequate veterinary care for his injuries and to remove all zebras from Ringling's traveling shows. Now we're hoping that the tragedy of Lima's death moves officials to end the exploitation of all zebras in circuses.

It shouldn't come as a surprise that time after time animals in circuses try to make a break for freedom. While we mourn Lima's traumatic and painful ordeal, we are thankful that he will no longer be forced to endure a life of constant confinement, in fear of being beaten to perform unnatural tricks. Help stop the suffering of animals abused by Ringling by urging everyone you know to forgo circuses that use animals.

Posted by Logan Scherer


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