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Rihanna Believes Chris Brown has Learned his Lesson

Rihanna thinks Chris Brown has "learned his lesson" and is thinking about dating him publicly again (instead of the secret hookups they have now). Gee what could possibly go wrong? No, I mean besides a radial fracture of the arm, a broken jaw, and bruised kidneys.

From the Chicago Sun Times:

The couple's obvious coy flirting in a New York nightclub last weekend was only the latest example of what one source calls "Rihanna's little gamesmanship. … She's always playing games, but basically she wants him back in her life — and not just to record a few tracks."

According to the second source, "Rihanna truly believes Chris has learned his lesson [from his well-known abuse conviction for beating Rihanna in 2009] and knows he's still very much in love with her ... They still feel very strongly for each other. … You just wait. They will be back together — and I'm betting sooner rather than later."


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