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Right-Wing Militias Currently the #1 Domestic Terror Threat

As you may have seen in the news today, we've just released a new report about the resurgence of the right-wing militia movement — a movement steeped in paranoia and infused with a boiling rage against President Obama.

Back in 1994, we detected similar stirrings among those in the radical right, and we warned the federal government that the "mixture of armed groups and those who hate is a recipe for disaster." Six months later, 168 people were murdered in the Oklahoma City bombing.

Today, we're facing a similar situation. One federal agent told us that "all it's lacking is a spark."

Anti-government militias are just one part of an explosion of extremist rage in America — a backlash to Obama's election and to the progress we're making toward social justice and tolerance. These groups and their allies traffic in bizarre conspiracy theories — like the claim that Obama is not really a U.S. citizen and that he wants to euthanize senior citizens.

The Department of Homeland Security has recently warned that right-wing extremists such as these militias currently pose the No. 1 threat of domestic terrorism.

The fact is, we're already seeing acts of terror. Six law enforcement officers have been murdered by extremists in recent months, and Obama has received more threats than any other president.

We're working hard to keep law enforcement agencies at every level up to date with the latest and most accurate intelligence about these extremists and their activities.

Please read our new report and pass it along to your friends and family. We all need to stay informed so that we can fight back against this rising tide of extremism.

Thank you for supporting our work — and remember to speak out against hate and intolerance in your community.


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